First-ever made in Sri Lanka smartphone (Hypro)

First-ever made in Sri Lanka smartphone (Hypro)

Hypro Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a smartphone manufacturing company. It signed an MoU to assemble and manufacture mobile phones in Sri Lanka. Micro Electric International Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd of Sri Lanka, and Lodule International Ltd of South Korea would contribute. It would be the first smartphone built in Sri Lanka.

Most of the leading mobile companies and TV manufactures have relied on Lodule International to produce and distribute smartphone accessories and LCT panels. Micro Electric International makes electric accessories as well as various mobile phone accessories like phone covers.


Hypro, the first mobile phone that would be built in Sri Lanka. It could be on the market by December 2021 for less than Rs. 30,000.00. It is expected to be launched in Christmas / Christmas season.

The first smartphone developed in Sri Lanka would use 4G technology and would be aimed at the local market as well as export to the South Asian, Southeast Asian, African, and other countries.

Lodule International will send the necessary machinery and accessories to Sri Lanka, as well as a team of Korean engineers to supervise and direct the assembling & manufacturing activities. Then, the technology will pass on to Hypro Holdings in Sri Lanka. In the future, both companies would introduce 5G smartphones and other electronic items in Sri Lanka.

Since South Korea was ranked three of the most innovative nations in the world throughout the last decade, this business posture might be considered as a new chapter and age in the progress and augmentation of Sri Lanka’s technical and innovation landscape. South Korea made Samsung smartphone and its technology already in the top of phone market.

It is noted that when Samsung first launched in South Korea, many of the world’s biggest mobile operators mocked them. However, Samsung unseeded several mobile manufacturers and became one of the most selling mobile phone companies in the world. Still Samsung competing and vying, directly with huge technological advanced companies such as Apple, which is today the largest corporate in the world.


In addition, Hypeo phone would change the Sri Lankan smartphone market if it strongly step in as the Made in Sri Lanka smartphone. Also, criticism on some Chinese phones would give upper hand to the local brand. The phone did not launch as per the schedule.

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